Leadership Quiz

Are you a great leader ? Test Your Leadership Knowledge.

1. Which of the following is not one of the 4 clusters of competencies for good leadership skills ?

Must be a high-net-worth-individual.
Organisational stability.
Business acumen.

2. As you move up the five levels of leadership the three key things that shift are __________ .

Scope, responsibility, and benefits.
Stakes, assistants, and number of employees.
Scope, stakes, and proportion.
Salary, hours worked, and consequences.

3. A leader’s job is to :

Guide teams towards a shared goal.
Instill fear into employees.
Make sure s/he benefits the most.

4. As a leader, which type of employees would prefer to work for you for a long time and perform an overall better job ?

An employee whom you pay a lot.
An employee who has a lot of free time.
An employee who believes in your mission and vision.
An employee who is related to you.

5. Which leadership advantage do women have ?

Strive for continuous improvement.
Communication skills.
Get immunity from responsibility