Performance Management Quiz

This is a quick quiz to help you test your understanding of basic performance management skills

May 16, 2021 - 02:44
Jul 6, 2023 - 10:20
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1. Performance management is

Interpersonal influence, exercised by a leader in specific situations or in response to critical incidents or developmental opportunities.
Formal and more general feedback and information at predetermined intervals.

2. Performance management is

Have the employee understand and accept changes that will increase his/her effectiveness and performance.
Information for management decision making- rewards, compensation, discipline, promotions, etc.

3. Performance management is

Designed to enhance performance in work related efforts. Focuses on specific criteria to be met. Typically a job performance deficit may be identified and the employee must extend effort to “fix” the problem area.
The employee becomes the best he/she can based on internal gifts, qualities and values. As a result, performance in many areas almost always improves.

4. Performance management is about setting mutually agreed upon goals. (True or False?)


5. Performance management is about just the appraisal form and/or system. (True or False?)


6. Performance management is about addressing both what an employee should achieve and should avoid (True or False?)


7. The Performance Management Cycle model presented in class includes all but which item ?

Goal setting
Coaching & feedback
New employee orientation

8. A manager’s involvement in helping employees set goals includes all but which item ?

Provide direction
Provide clarity
Provide initiative
Provide support

9. One of the key reasons you help employees set goals is to plan and agree upon the behaviors you want from your employees. (True or False?)


10. Difficult performance management conversations focus on three main objectives. Choose the item that does not belong.

To correct performance, not to punish the performer
To protect the employee’s rights
To protect you and the organization
To project manpower needs for the coming year

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