Techniques of Sales Promotion

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Techniques of Sales Promotion

Important Techniques of Sales Promotion

(1) Rebate: Under it in order to clear the excess stock, products are offered at some reduced price. For example, giving a rebate by a car manufacturer to the tune of 12,000/- for a limited period of time.

(2) Discount: Under this method, the customers are offered products on less than the listed price. For example, giving a discount of 30% on the sale of Liberty Shoes. Similarly giving a discount of 50% + 40% by the KOUTONS.

(3) Refunds: Under this method, some part of the price of an article is refunded to the customer on showing proof of purchase. For example, refunding an amount of 5/- on showing the empty packet of the product priced 100/-.

(4) Product Combination: Under this method, along with the main product some other product is offered to the customer as a gift. 

(5) Quantity Gift: Under this method, some extra quantity of the main product is passed on as a gift to the customers. For example, 25% extra toothpaste in a packet of 200 gm tooth paste. Similarly, a free gift of one RICH LOOK shirt on the purchase of two shirts.

(6) Instant Draw and Assigned Gift: Under this method, a customer is asked to scratch a card on the purchase of a product and the name of the product is inscribed thereupon which is immediately offered to the customer as a gift. For example, on buying a car when the card is scratched such gifts are offered – TV, Refrigerator, Computer, Mixer, Dinner Set, Wristwatch, T-shirt, Iron Press, etc.
(7) Lucky Draw: Under this method, the customers of a particular product are offered gifts on a fixed date and the winners are decided by the draw of lots. While purchasing the product, the customers are given a coupon with a specific number printed on it.
On the basis of this number alone the buyer claims to have won the gift. For example, ‘Buy a bathing soap and get a gold coin’ offer can be used under this method.
(8) Usable Benefits: Under this method, coupons are distributed among the consumers on behalf of the producer. Coupon is a kind of certificate telling that the product mentioned therein can be obtained at special discount.
It means that if a customer has a coupon of some product he will get the discount mentioned therein whenever he buys it. Possession of a coupon motivates the consumer to buy the product, even when he has no need of it.
Such coupons are published in newspapers and magazines. Some companies distribute coupons among its shareholders. Sellers collect the coupons from the customers and get the payment from the company that issues the same.
(9) Full Finance @ 0%: Under this method, the product is sold and money received in installment at 0% rate of interest. The seller determines the number of installments in which the price of the product will be recovered from the customer. No interest is charged on these installments.
(10) Samples or Sampling: Under this method, the producer distributes free samples of his product among the consumers. Sales representatives distribute these samples from door-to-door.
This method is used mostly in case of products of daily-use, e.g., Washing Powder, Tea, Toothpaste, etc. Thus, the consumers willy-nilly make use of free sample. If it satisfies them, they buy it and in this way sales are increased.
(11) Contests: Some producers organise contests with a view to popularizing their products. Consumers taking part in the contest are asked to answer some very simple questions on a form and forward the same to the company. The blank form is made available to that consumer who buys the product first.
Result is declared on the basis of all the forms received by a particular date. Attractive prizes are given to the winners of the contest. Such contests can be organised in different ways.

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