Management Quiz

Are you a great manager ? Take this quiz and test your managerial knowledge.

1. What are the three major Management theories ?

1) Classical Management Theory. 2) Behavioural Management Theory. 3) Modern Management Theory.
1) Liberal Management Theory. 2) Assertive Management Theory. 3) Classical Management Theory.
1) Modern Management Theory. 2) Democratic Management Theory. 3) Japanese Management Theory.

2. A managers main duty and responsibility is to :

Take credit for others work.
Be responsible for the performance of a group of people.
Monitor the performance of the employees s/he manages.
Blame and take action against whoever caused an issue in the workplace rather than offering solutions and support.

3. Todays effective managers emphasise on :

Playing favourites.
Only increasing profit margins.
Teamwork and cooperation.

4. To be a great manager, you need to constantly improve :

Delegating tasks and responsibilities effectively.
Leadership qualities.
All of the mentioned answers.
Effective communication.

5. In order to be both assertive and cooperative as a manager you need to :

Jump in and take over every time there is a problem.
Hire slow, fire fast.
Be present, flexible, and aim for an open and honest conversation so you can decide the best approach in the moment.
Instill fear into the employees you manage.