Role and Functions of Manager

Mar 11, 2022 - 14:31
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Role and Functions of Manager


Management is a creative process which integrates and uses various available resources effectively to accomplish certain goals. For which, an individual is responsible to develop ideas and get things done through others. The concerned individual is designated as manager. “Any person who performs the functions of planning, organisation, staffing, directing and controlling for the accomplishment of pre-determined organisation goals is called a
Manager does not actually do the work but guides others to do things correctly. In other words, manager does not build factory or install machines and operate them or sell goods in the market but She/He directs the efforts of others at lower levels of an organisation. The primary job of a manager is the management of people. The job of manager is very difficult and requires some significant qualities to get the possible results. The manager should have the
capacity and capabilities to meet the challenges of his/her job.

Functions of a Manager

The following functions are performed by a manager:
• Planning the work
• Taking decisions
• Proper and effective communication
• Getting co-operation of employees
• Encouraging team spirit
• Delegating authority
• Solving the problems
• Co-ordinating various individual efforts

• Setting target
• Solving the problems
• Guiding sub-ordinates
• Arranging training and development facilities
• Controlling the deviations
• Maintaining good human relations
• Better utilisation of resources

Role of a Manager

A manager is responsible to integrate all the activities which are performed in an organisation. Managers play various roles as given below:
Director: A manager gives direction to people working under him/her.
Motivator: A manager understands likes and dislikes of people working under him/her and motivates them accordingly. Hence, motivation stimulates their performance of job.
Human being: A manager treats all the people working under him/her equally and without any personal bias. She/He has to mingle with others and understand the feeling of other executives.
Guide: Managers should be well aware of using the equipment, techniques and procedures involved in performing specific tasks. If so, She/He can guide others whenever need arises.
Friend: A manager acts as a friend by coming forward voluntarily and eliminating the misunderstandings.
Planner: A manager has to plan the work and assign the same to the workers working under him/her according to their position held on a daily basis.
Supervisor: A manager has to supervise and control workers’ performance and maintain personal contacts with
Reporter: A manager acts as a reporter by providing the feedback information of the workers to the top management. She/He also acts as a liaison between the low level management and the top level management.

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